"Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that."

-Charlotte Tilbury

About Me

Abilene,Tx based licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist, originally from Midland, Tx. I have 12+ years in the beauty industry and am well rounded in creating styles and looks with attention to detail. I attend classes to stay up to date with trends and new products. My goal is not to change your image but to create a look that will enhance and elevate your natural features.

I can't pinpoint what my favorite part of my job is. I enjoy fashion/editorial hair and makeup, it is completely out of the box. You are able to create bold edgy looks and still see beauty in that. There are bright vibrant colors and patterns, alongside sleek backgrounds. The options are literally limitless. Working with photographers and designers to collaborate certain looks opens up a whole new side of this artistry. 

Weddings take me to another place, like a fairytale, out of the everyday mundane life. To hear the brides and their closest friends and family reminisce, gush about the love the bride and groom share, and to get to be a part of the laughs and tears, I truly am blessed to be a part of it. My favorite part of weddings is watching a bride look in the mirror for the first time after she steps into her gown. It's like all the things you dreamed of as a little girl unfolding in front of you. 

Character makeup is so much fun! I get to transform people into all kinds of things with prosthetics, wigs, and other special fx materials. Creating burns, aging someone, or adding to their facial features just touches the surface. Halloween is always a fun time for this kind of makeup. 

There are just so many things in this industry that you can dive into, every time I'm asked to do something new I'm elated. I love exploring all the things that makeup can do.